Two Year Plan

Topics: Inventory, Sales, Balance sheet Pages: 31 (9551 words) Published: March 20, 2011
Two Year Plan

Professor:Dr. Ellen A. Drost
MGMT 497
Date: Feb, 14, 2011
World: 11
Company: 1

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Table of Contents

a. Sales in Dollars
b. Net Income
c. ROA
d. ROE
e. Stock Price
Weighting Factors Criteria
* Industry Sales Forecasts in Units for Year 5 and 6
* Company Sales Forecasts in Units for Year 5 and 6
* Industry Sales Forecasts in Dollars for Year 5 and 6 * Company Sales Forecasts in Dollars for Year 5 and 6
* Regression Analysis Charts for each 4 markets Y4Q4
* Market Share Table & Line Chart for Year 3 and 4 * Planned Production & Projected Inventory Levels
* Production Schedule Worksheet
* Training Forecast for Year 5 and 6
* HR Forecast for Year 5 and 6
* Financial Statements
* Income Statements, Cash Flow Statements, and Balance Sheets for Year 3 and 4 * Pro-Forma Income Statements, Cash Flow Statements, and Balance Sheets for Year 5 and 6

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We, at Energetic Solutions, have prepared a two-year plan to show our objectives and we have included an industry analysis, strategies, sales forecast, production plan, and financial statements to outline our operational expectations for Years 5 and 6. Our mission is to continuously provide our customers with quality durable goods at the lowest possible prices in the market. Our company has been in business for four years and we operate in three domestic locations in Merica and in one foreign location in Sereno. Our production plants are located in Merica 1 and in Sereno. To strategically excel in the competitive global market, we constantly strive to improve our customer satisfaction by improving our way of producing quality products at the lowest-cost possible and by continuously investing in our employees training and in R & D as well. With our strategic pricing, value-added production and operational planning and excellent customer service we are on our way to becoming an international low-cost leader in the global market while continuing to focus on our long term customer relationship goals.

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Energetic Solutions has a vertical organizational structure led by key management team members of more than fifty combined years of experience in the field. James Zohrabi, CEO & President of the company is responsible for overseeing of all different branches of the company and delegating responsibilities to company officers. Mr. Zohrabi personally handles meetings given for stockholders and ensures employees high morale at all times. He takes an active leadership role in managing the company’s day to day operational activities and setting its goals and objectives. Alfonso Aben, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for the preparation of the financial statements for the corporation. Mr. Aben is also responsible for presenting and reporting accurate and timely historical financial information to the CEO of the company, and reviews the company’s financial standings in order to advise on decisions that are to be made in terms of production forecasts, financing measures, and human resources. Additionally, Mr. Aben assesses how the company is doing internally as well as our company’s performance in the industry. Toni Seo, Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for balancing the needs of investors, clients and employees successfully. Among Ms. Seo’s day to day responsibilities include overseeing the company’s overall operation in all our four markets, Merica (1-3) and Sereno through effective action oriented approach. Her duties include planning and...
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