The Swot Analysis of the North Face

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Management Pages: 4 (1279 words) Published: May 9, 2013
| Strengths 1. An international brand sensation. 2. Particular brand culture 3. With leading technology development ability and also well product quality 4. Marketing both online and offline| Weakness 1. The market started late in China 2. With high features of specialty of the products 3. High products price 4. Weakness on the level of marketing of channel manager| Opportunities 1. The enterprise expand with high growth rate in China (50%) 2. The increasing of Chinese purchasing power and brand awareness 3. The increasing needed of functional and personable products| Matching 1. Strength the brand awareness 2. Develop new functional products which are more suitable for Chinese market 3. Hold promotion activity both on online and offline and quickly seize the market share in China| Converting 1. Step up development efforts in second-tier city, make strategic layout 2. Develop wider adaptability products that fit in China 3. Strengthen channel manager’s marketing skill | Treats 1. The competition of other outdoors brand 2. Sham products and illegally bidding 3. With a high cost on traditional marketing costs in China| Minimizing 1. Having a better business cooperation with domestic agency, build complete commercial contract 2. Reducing developing cost and cut down development time, reducing intermediate expenditures 3. Increasing ‘relationship marketing’ between outlet store and online store| Avoiding 1. Keep the market share in first-tier cities, avoiding lose living space in first-tier cities 2. Avoid blind pricing, keep high brand quality 3. Focus on outdoors products, avoid losing core customer|


As previous said, the North Face, Inc. is a well-known outdoor product company. In the China, it is the second-best selling outdoor product, just behind the Columbia. Hence, the first strength that the North Face has is popularity. In outdoor product in China, or we can say in...
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