More Vino Ltd.

Topics: Inventory, Balance sheet, Revenue Pages: 3 (1313 words) Published: April 15, 2013
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Name of the business: More Vino Ltd.
Nature of the business: Wine Retailer, Bar and Restaurant, Wholesale, and Delivery Marketing Analysis: More Vino Ltd. is a wine retailer located in Trinidad and Tobago and is the newest local hot spot for food, drink, and entertainment. The Stone brothers, Christian and David, started More Vino Ltd. with the help of an investor and his partner, Arthur Greenway. Trinidad and Tobago is a hub for tourists to vacation all year round. The driving growth is mainly dependent on the tourism. With traditions that have lasted over 150 years, the island is a popular vacation spot for both tourists and natives alike. There is a cyclical demand for this product due to the face that it follows the market trend. The islands have seen heightened growth in tourism over the past decade and are known especially for their homemade rums and beers. Over the years, the wine market has grown to a worth of TT$48 million with growth anticipated for five years. This is where the Stone brothers saw an opportunity for business. More Vino Ltd. has been thriving due to their in house consumption as its main driving force for sales, but they also have a wholesale division that has been bringing in good business as well. Because of the demographics in the area, the brothers believe their growth in sales will increase even more with excellent service and unique entertainment that will drive out their competitors. With this expansion, More Vino Ltd. will see an increase in sales due to the fact that they offer a different atmosphere, one that is more focused on their target sales group, than their competition. Because majority of their sales is being driven by in house sales, focusing on championing that division will result in favorable outcomes. But with this expansion, the brothers foresee a 10 per cent to 15 percent increase in cost. They also plan on increasing their prices to match their competitors. Christian...
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