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Assignment: MKT547 (Marketing Communication

Question 1.
What is Green Advertising and discuss the categories claims use by advertiser. Provide an example of local advertisement each of the categories.
Green advertising is advertising that use a green concept in their advertisement that is include nature environment. The advertisement also has nature promote elements in their advertisement and for the company who use the green advertisement show an image of responsibility of environment and the company perspective.

The green advertising can be categorise according to groups of consumer motivations which are preservation of the planet, preservation on personal health and preservation of animals. There categories is claims use by the advertiser to promote product or services. The example of local advertisement is the advertisement of reduce the use of electricity power to save global warming. This advertisement is consumer of the global warming of the planet. Next example is the product that has a recycle logo on the packaging show the customer the product can be recycle after buy and use the product. The advertisements also tell their product that has not contain animal part or so forth.

According to the journal, the studies of the authors found that the advertisement categories claims are include product orientation, process orientation, image orientation and environmental claims. The product orientation focus on environmental friendly product process where the product says it is biodegradable. For example the move of using plastic bag and packaging in Malaysia where they use the shopping bag. In process orientation is where they said the percent of the product produce is can be recycle. For example the product has been put in the container that can be recycling back. An image orientation category is image of organization to support the environment. The example is such as an organization contributes in environment runs activities to support the...
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