Greatest Wonder of the Sea

Topics: Ocean, Color, Want Pages: 4 (1535 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Greatest Wonder of The Sea
Andreka Wilkes
ENG. 101 Sec. 047
My name is Andreka Wilkes and I am a part of the RSO at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale called SAVE OUR PLANET. Our president of our organization has launched a new campus community initiative advertising project concerned with water management and environmentally friendly behavior by marketing companies. In this project we will be analyzing an advertisement relating to water using some methods we have reviewed in class. The ad I will be analyzing is called Greatest Wonder of The Sea by Green Peace. Overall, the ad does a great job at getting their point across to stop pollution in natural water environments, and also they effectively connect with their target audience. I will go in depth and totally break the ad down to be analyzed. I will do this in three sections: Physical Appearance, Analysis, and Evaluation. 2) PHYSICAL APPEARANCE

At first glance the most noticeable thing is the pictures many colors. The most dominant color is blue, like an ocean blue. You can also clearly see the sun shining in the water causing there to be different colors. There are deeper and lighter shades of blue like an ocean. The part of the picture that pops out is a body of things moving through the water of many colors, almost like a school of fish. There are colors present like pink, green, yellow, etc. In the picture’s background, there is a scenic ocean set up. There is a big pink coral present, along with other coral reefs, bodies of sponges, anemone, and other things that you would normally see on an ocean floor. The things in the background, away from the colorful things in the picture are very dark. It sort of fades out into a really deep ocean blue. There is also a sign in the picture that is the brightest color in the picture, which is a cream white. The sign also has bold blue words on it, smaller black words underneath, and medium green colored words. As you take a closer look at the...
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