What makes you want to buy something

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What Makes Me Want to Buy Something .

People often buy a lot of things daily . They sometimes don’t know why they want to buy something , but they say it depends on their needs . However , some people buy products for no reason . There are many factors that can affect people’s mind and make them want to buy a certain product . The most important is advertising which plays a vital role in convincing people to buy something . I myself buy products which can grab my attention through advertisements .

First of all , I know about new products through advertisements . For example , when I watch an advertisement about a new mobile phone , I begin to ask myself about my priorities , concerning ; colour , credibility , company , guarantee , etc . The next step is to distinguish between it and the other types of mobiles . Finally , when I have decided on a specific product , I buy it at once .

Furthermore , some companies do a lot of effort to promote their products . They try a lot to make their advertisements look more interesting and appealing . They sometimes use a famous footballer or one of the celebrities to advertise their products . I often buy products which are advertised by famous footballers as I love football a lot .

In conclusion , advertising helps me focus on what I want to buy . They help me in taking my decision as they show me the benefits a product can have and also about the company which has produced it and its guarantee . For , advertising is a vital factor in buying any product .

Nowadays we can see advertisements everywhere either by visual through newspaper, television and internet or by verbal through the radio. It is a form of communication to promote and tell people about a certain type of product. Consumers can easily make their choice based on the advertised product that they are looking for.

First of all, how do people know that if there is a new...
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