Marketing and Social Media

Topics: Marketing, Business, Brand Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Staff research supervision interests
Mat Robson| * International offshoring decisions and consumer perceptions; * New product development in emerging markets; * Exporting strategies; * New technology acceptance among consumers;| Pali| * International aspects of marketing, * CSR, ethical issues and consumer boycotts, * Technology applications in marketing, * All aspects of services marketing & marketing | Tao Jiang| * Luxury product consumption, * International retailing, * Multi-channel distribution, * Country of origin | Magnus Hultman| * Place/destination branding * International marketing standardization/adaptation * Tourism/hospitality marketing * International brand performance| Costas L| * Sustainability/green marketing, corporate social responsibility, and ethics, * Advertising & consumer behaviour, * Supply chain management in retailing, * Tourism marketing/management| Nathaniel Boso| * Doing business in developing/emerging markets * Brand management * International marketing Communications strategy * Entrepreneurship and small business management| Caterina Presi| * Social media, * Culture/International dimensions and online communities / social media, * Consumer creativity/co-creation, * Consumer resistance| Ghasem Zaefarian| * Service Marketing, * Service Recovery Strategies, * Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction, * Relationship Marketing and B2B Relationships| Sally Chan| * Ethical advertising, , * International advertising, * Advertising appeals, * Elderly and disability marketing| Tony Aldred| * Relationship and Direct Marketing , * Loyalty/ Branding programmes * Consumer Marketing Communications, .e-marketing and digital marketing| Tony Byng| * Public relations, * Social media,   * Advertising, * Sales promotion|

Aris Theotokis| * Facebook Usage and Consumer...
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