Marketing 1

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Homework 1

Answer question number 17 at the end of chapter one and question number 18 at the end of chapter two; and the internet exercises on page 10 and page 46.

Chapter 1, Question 17.

Given an example of a recent purchase you made where the purchase wasn’t just a single transaction but rather part of an ongoing relationship with the seller. Discuss what the seller has done (or could do better) to strengthen the relationship and increase the odds of you being a loyal costumer in the future.


I recently bought a 2010 Ford 150 XLT in a local but big dealership here in San Antonio. This is my 4th vehicle that I bought from the same dealer. My experience in this place was not the best but I had to go there because that was the only one that had the incentives and discounts that I was looking for. First of all every time that I’m going to buy a car I know is going to be very frustrating. I spent from 6 – 12 hours every time I go for it, because the sales representative wants to play the game of, “I can’t give that because this” and a whole lot of stories and excuses. I do my homework before buying a car, but they think that all the customers are a little mentally challenge and they can get away with everything they want. That is why I spent so many hours trying to get them to my point.

I think what they can do to improve the relationship is just stop lying period and just make the sale. All those hours that wasted and the sales representative as well, he could have more customers and make more money, instead they decide to play that game with you but at the end I got the deal that I want it from the beginning. To me I don’t think that is a good business practice having an employee wasting that many hours with a costumer instead of giving a good deal and jump to the next sale.

Chapter 2, Question 18

In your own words, explain several reasons why a marketing manager should consider international markets when evaluating possible...
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