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Uniqua Lyttle

MKG 366-02
November 26, 2013
Crossover Dreams: Consumer Responses to Ethnic- Oriented Products

In this article the author evaluates an investigation on the understanding of ethnic product crossover. That is when the product has a target market however; another group of individuals purchase the product. For example, 60% of hip-hop and rap traditionally black music is purchased primarily by white youths. This article compares to chapter 1 because it discusses the target market. The target market is defined as one or more specific groups of potential consumers toward which an organization directs its marketing program. The target market for the hip hop music is for African Americans however; the white youths tend to purchase it which means it crossover. The authors also concludes that consumers who are not members of a particular ethnic group may be attracted to ethnic-oriented products because they seek variety outside the usual mainstream or they may have an interest in the culture.

Using Customer Satisfaction Research for Relationship Marketing: A Direct Marketing Approach

The relationship between a sales person and a customer is very important. The customer has to feel that they are the most important and have to leave out satisfied. For example, in the auto industry Toyota’s Lexus operation prides itself on customer-relationship management. Toyota’s creed is “customer first, dealer second, and Toyota third.” They make sure the customers leave the dealership happy about their purchase. They do follow-up calls to make sure the customer is still satisfied. In another example presented in the article Alamo Rent-A-Car has a “Best Friends” program. Which states “Make your customers your best friends; treat them that way all the time, and they will always be your customer.” This article compares to chapter 1 when it discusses customer value and customer relationships....
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