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In any business the success of an organization is highly dependent on its employees. Although there are many other factors play role in organization’s success, an organization must have effective employees to accomplish its goals. Training and developing employees these days has a significant role in most companies. These days a large amount of organizations need to improve the job performance of their employees. Training and developing employees are very important to help organizations successfully compete in today’s business environment. The value of the organization highly increases with better trained employees. With organizations having better trained and developed employees, organizations are able to avoid wasteful spending of money and time. This will affect the employee’s performance, which will lead to affect the organization. Many organizations made a mistake by assuming employees are only seeking for financial benefits. In today’s work environment employees are more and more demanding in change, flexibility, as well as variety in their work. Because of unqualified employees organizations cannot easily respond to its employees demand. Training and developing employee’s skills and knowledge are main conditions for promotions, because promoted employees will be more responsible and able to make more effectiveness on the organization. The purpose of this research is to know the effect of trained and developed employees on the organization’s performance and on the employees themselves, and whether employees with or against training and developing. In addition, the ways employees can be trained and developed, and whether the organizations get the desired outcomes of the training or not. This paper will determine the objectives of this research. It will also review previous studies about training and developing employees, and it will include a number of interviews with employees live the experience of training and developing on their organizations. It will also discuss the comparison between previous studies and the interviews outcomes. Finally, it will provide the results and recommendations of this research.

Research Objectives:
This research will meet the following objectives:
1.Describe how employees can be affected by training and developing. 2.Describe how training and developing employees are effective for organizations. 3.Discuss when training and developing employees is a desire for an organization. 4.Compare between trained and developed employees and non trained and developed employees.

Previous Studies:
Training and development has been given many definitions by many authors. In fact there seems no specific definition stand as its own. Every definition complements the previous one. “Training and development refers to the process of transfer or get knowledge and skills needed to perform a specific activity or task” (Abiodun). Training mentally and physically is fundamental not only for productivity level but also for the development of employees in the organization. Employees with will training and developing are more competence. The need to improve productivity has become globally demanded and it relies on efficient and effective training. Unlike training which prepares employees for current jobs, development prepares them for future jobs. Effective training can help employees to develop their skills and knowledge, which can help the organization meet its goals. It can help the organization enhance the levels of customer service, accelerate the work, or improve product quality. “To create a training regime which shall help the organization meet its goals, it is necessary to come up with an instructional design” (Noe et al ). Training and developing employees must have a plan to apply, and it has steps to be followed. First step is needs analyses. It is identifying specific job performance, skills and knowledge needed to improve performance and productivity. Analyze the employees to ensure...
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