management 335

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Management 335
Linsen Xu
Business Ideas Journal
Wed 15 2014

Problem 1:
International students always in face of language barrier while they arrive a foreign country. Listening and speaking won’t be big problem to them. However, lack of vocabulary influence their speed and passion of reading, so how to improve reading speed is problem for international students.

For international student
Who has language barrier.
The Glass of translator is a translator that could translate foreign language to reader’s mother language word by word. Unlike Google eye-glass
Our product need not to ask glass what a vocabulary means because most of people don’t know the correct pronunciation of foreign vocabulary, and our product could translate any vocabulary that scanner of glass to reader’s native language and speak that word out.

Problem 2:
UO Students always prefer to ask some question to Campus Adviser, but make appointment which fit on their schedule in time always be a problem. Moreover, some students made appointment but don’t show, others have no ideas how they could pick up the wasted appointment. Therefore, how to help students make appointment easier and efficiently is big problem.

For UO Students
Who may not find chance to make appointment with adviser
The APP program--Schedule Tracker could help students to find suitable appointment time Unlike online appointment system
Our product Schedule Tracker could find suitable appointment automatically as long as students put their schedule into it and remind students to call office and make appointment with adviser

Problem 3:
How to purchase a product with good price in another country always be a problem for people, because people could understand market quotation of other countries, and also they don’t know what price will be good to them. Therefore, people are expecting someone to help them.

For Millennials
Who desire to shop out of country
The Bounty Hunter website could help people to...
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