Make Green Delicious Case Analysis

Topics: Sustainability, Agriculture, Local food Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Case: Make Green Delicious
BU398, Section N
Sylvia Drag 100316340

A. -------------------------------------------------
Introduction/Statement of the problem:

The problem seems to be that it is difficult to find a balance between growth and sustainability for Jamie Kennedy. He is considering growing his business, but only if it is done in an environmentally respectful way, which is proving to be difficult.

B. -------------------------------------------------

All of Jamie’s ventures are successful, both in terms of profit and consumer opinions. The restaurants and wine bar are always fully reserved with long wait times, which means they could easily be expanded to accommodate more customers. However, expansion can lead to less sustainable ties. The only plausible solution for Jamie would be one that focuses on sustainability and does not affect his tie to it.

C. -------------------------------------------------

* Expanding his farm so that any expansions can be fully sourced by it * Expanding locations without as much concern for sustainability * Do nothing – leave the restaurants as they are and remain true to ideals

D. -------------------------------------------------

In my opinion, Jamie Kennedy should invest money into building and expanding his farm and winery. This would not only allow him to self-sustain his restaurants if they were expanded, but it would allow for more local farming and jobs. In this way, he can stay true to his values and continue his fame as a sustainable chef.

E. -------------------------------------------------
Implementation Plan:

In order to implement this recommendation, Jamie would need to research different suppliers and types of produce he can farm at his location. He would need to set aside a sum of money to fund this, and begin hiring employees to help him not only plan it, but work on the farm as well. He could announce his...
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