Belgium Brewery

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Economics, Entrepreneur Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: October 1, 2014
Erica Davis
Reading Focus Paper: Belgium Brewery
When it comes to what makes a business a successful business it boils down to the moral integrity the owners instill into it. Philanthropic efforts are not only admired, but could be a great asset to a corporation's long term success. However, the issue remains as to how much is too much. A business still needs to be able to make a profit and at times it seems one outweighs the other. Whether it’s the latter of both profit and missions that makes a well oiled machine run, what is the incentive for the stakeholders? If more is put out than what is bought in what is the true plight for the entrepreneur: Is it material or mental? Kim Jordan and Jeff Lebusch are the perfect example of environmentally conscious entrepreneurs. Many businesses are practicing greener solutions to run their shops. However, not many of them are willing to sacrifice cost. One of the reasons Kim and Jeff are able to go above and beyond what’s legally adequate is because they stand behind their mission. It definitely makes them stand out as a brewery; especially when the proceeds fund alcohol and drug abuse. Something not heard of from a beer manufacturer. When an entrepreneur believes in their cause, others will follow. Kim and Jeff both understand that in order to purchase atmospherically clean equipment, big money must be spent. The cost for keeping up such generosity is good for long term profit, but bad in the short run. Belgium Brewery is building a name and brand for themselves. Like many other corporations that also implement charity, they are well known and respected and that is what keeps customers loyal to a brand. This aids in profitability over time, but the cost can hurt the business currently. Although their employees agreed to become the top wind energy users in the nation, something must be sacrificed. It could come at the expense of bonuses, materials, even labor. While “volunteer” is the core of...
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