M3.17 - Recruiting, Selecting and Inducting New Staff in the Workplace

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Job description, Employment Pages: 6 (1799 words) Published: June 23, 2013
M3.17 - Recruiting, selecting and inducting new staff in the workplace

Recruiting and interviewing
I have worked at my company now for seven and a half years achieving several promotions along the way up to the grade of "Production Supervisor". Now that my attention has been spread over a wider area of the company I have now found myself needing a permanent senior worker for my direct department; a team leader. To help find the perfect candidate for the job I would first follow the organisations policies and procedures to guide me in the right direction: First of all I would have to set out a job specification and ensure any possible applicant understands the role: See Appendix 1. This document will also contain a "Person Specification" which will highlight the attributes that we will be looking for in an applicant, as well as the job description. I would then speak to my line manager and Human resources team, show them the job specification and explain why I need a person for this particular role and answer any questions that arise. I would then set out a meeting with the department and explain the new job position and how I will go about filling the position. Secondly this would ask me the question of "In House Promotion". If a member of the section is deemed to have a good amount of the criteria required for the position this would be ideal for the company as less training and understanding of the company would be needed and the candidate could settle into the roll very quickly. To help judge any possible "in house" candidate I would give them a "Basic ability test" see Appendix 2. Then I would assess them against some key points: Quality - Make sure they know about the companies quality assurance policy Volume - They would need an understanding of the volume of work needed to be built within the section People - Make sure the required leadership skills are met, or could be easily created Cost - Make sure they know about reducing cost as much as possible so maximum profit can be achieved. This includes labour, tools, materials etc Environment - Making sure the working area is as tidy as possible all the time Health and safety - The main one is to always be aware of health and safety in the workplace Then a pre-employment health questionnaire will be given out to be filled in. See appendix 3 If no suitable candidates can be indentified in house then adverts will be put out elsewhere and they too will go through the same procedure as above after filling out an application form (See Appendix 4) , asking questions on the same key points as above but related to their previous employment.

Interviewing Process
To help prepare for my selection interviews so I pick the most suitable applicant I would gather as much information as possible, this would include the job description and the job specification. Also the conditions of service need to be defined: * Salary or hourly pay?

* Holiday entitlement?
* Pension programme?
* Health benefits?
* Any other benefits?
I would need to identify the potential problems that may arise and work on a solution to combating them such as: * Failing to do any job analysis
* Defining the ideal criteria without considering the minimum acceptable criteria * Not planning it properly
* Not allowing any means of two-way communication
* Lacking in clear content
* Unstructured
* Boring
* Stressful
And some basic rules for an interview which will help both the interviewer and the interviewee: * Both parties should know why they are there
* Both parties should have adequate, written information, in advance if possible * The environment should be quiet and sympathetic
* There should be no interruptions
* The interview should start on time
* The furniture, and the lighting should not disadvantage the interviewee * Both parties should know who the other is - Full introduction * The interviewer should have the criteria of...
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