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Importance of using effective communication to identify clients needs and expectations :
Respond to any enquiry and allow time for the client to respond, the communication should always suit the situation, always speak clearly and slowly so the client doesn’t mislead anything. You will sound and look more energized if you are cheerful and helpful. This give a professional look. (asking open or closed questions) Professionalism, confidence and enthusiasm
Importance of providing client clear advice recommendation :
Explanation of treatment, product and/or service
Client home and after care
Importance of confidentiality in with data protection act :
All confidential data is stored and used that complies with the data protection act, should ensure your clients privacy and confidential information is safe and secure either on a computer or paper filled system.
Client has a right to know why the information is held.
Importance of communication techniques when supporting retail opportunities :
Increases business and profits
Good customer relations
Asking appropriate questions Explaining the benefits and how products should be used
Good knowledge of products/services
Importance of client feedback and responding constructively -
Having a positive attitude at all times
Awareness of body language don’t slouch in the salons
Demonstrating good customer service
Minimising potential bad publicity

Personal space:
The distance thought to be comfortably acceptable between one person and another
Positioning of client, suitable location for consultation and client’s comfort.

Refer and assist in clients complaints:
Identifying the person in charge
Being aware of and following establishment complaint policies and procedures
Acknowledgement of any issues
-Removal to a private, comfortable area
-Allow the client to fully explain their problem without interruption
- Listen carefully and clarify do not argue
Make any explanations

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