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Letter of Motivation for applying Master course of Mechanical Engineering

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Letter of Motivation for applying Master course of Mechanical Engineering answers: 4

Dec 26, 2010, 05:01am #

Letter Of Motivation
Since my childhood,finding out about how things are functioning around us ,has always attracted me.Although it lead sometimes to destruction of thing that I was trying to inspect.As any child my dream job was becoming a pilot but when I grew up I realized that my dreams has changed and I wanted to fly with my own designed airplane.

I have finished my studies in Mechanical Engineering in the branch of solid bodies design two years ago at Iran University of Science and Technology.Meanwhile I was doing my internship at a hydraulic system consulting company which I was employed later in.I have found that my studies have enabled me to have better and wider sight of the phenomena and systems that are working around us and that helped me to work more efficient. My current job's responsibility includes analyzing customers needs,interpreting demands to working systems based on hydraulic power,running feasibility studies and providing new solutions for higher efficiency in systems.I have taken part in workshops and training courses in order to extend my knowledge on hydraulic systems which were quite beneficial to my career and studies. There are several reasons why I decided to apply for Master program in Mechanical Engineering.Armed with Bachelor degree is just not enough in today's competitive world. You need to be equipped with the arsenal of higher degree and experience at the same time. I believe that my current working experience is the main reason that drives me to study in Germany.Studying Mechanical Engineering in a country which is the cradle of this science and origin of mechanical...
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