Major and Career Research Project

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Biology is under the college of Arts and Sciences and is categorized in the Biological Sciences department. The main chair/director is Dr. Sam Atkinson with an assistant, Kendra Donahue. The Biological Science department is located in the Biology Building 210. There are numerous courses that have to be taken in order to major in Biology; while also minoring in Chemistry as well. There are introductory classes that need to be taken like: “Introductory Biology: Comparative Physiology” or “Introductory Biology: Cell and Development Biology.” Also “General Chemistry” for two semesters with “Organic Chemistry.” One semester of calculus is needed with a second semester of calculus or an equivalent of statistics. Physics is also necessary in order to complete the major of Biology; two semesters of “General Physics I and II.” And finally there needs to be Biochemistry courses taken, such as “Principles of Biochemistry, Individualized Instructions.” Majoring in Biology would grant me various skills in knowing how the world we live in is made up of and how we live as human beings on this Earth. I believe Biology is the most knowledgeable area of study because it teaches how certain things work and what they are made up of. There are numerous career opportunities in Biology, including field work and research as well. Neuroscience is an example of a career which has to do with additional emphasis on Physiology. This major fits with my personality because I enjoy learning how things are made up of and how they work. And I’ve been interested in how the brain functions; therefore going into Neuroscience would be beneficial to me. The main advantages in this major are that I would enjoy it and find myself in a good career when I graduate. The disadvantages would be that it would take me some time to complete my courses and it will be rigorous.

Mechanical Engineering...

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