Biology: E-mail and Lecture Syllabus Fall

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Bio II Lecture Syllabus Fall 2011

Biology II Lecture Syllabus: Fall 2011
COURSE DESCRIPTION: BSC 2011 (Biology II) is the second of a two semester General Biology sequence. This course reviews biological diversity on earth, and is divided into four themes: Dr. Crampton: 1. Evolution; 2. Biodiversity; Dr. Klowden: 3. Anatomy & Physiology; and 4. Ecology. An integrated laboratory experience will develop your ability to think critically and to document, analyze and apply data effectively. LECTURE TIMES/LOCATION: Section 1: MWF 8:30 – 9:20 am. Section2: MWF 11:30 am – 12:20 pm. LABS: Location: CL1 0121 Location: CL1 0104

See separate Bio II Lab Syllabus
ANNOUNCEMENTS/LECTURE NOTES: Available at: Webcourses@UCF PROFESSORS: Dr. Will Crampton Biology 402D, Email: Office Hours: M, F: 9.30 – 11am (any changes will be posted on Webcourses@UCF). Outside Office Hours: By appointment only.

Dr. Gregg Klowden
Biology 202A, Email: Office Hours: M,W 9:30 - 11 Outside Office Hours: By appointment only. BIOLOGY II COORDINATOR: Michele Yeargain

Biology 201B Email:
Office Hours: See Webcourses@UCF posting HOW TO REQUEST INFORMATION/HELP: Professor: Contact Dr Crampton (lectures 0-17) or Dr Klowden (lectures 18-26) only if your question is about academic content of the course (e.g. understanding a difficult subject, or having an exam question explained). If your question is procedural (e.g. grading, your grade, exam times etc). then you should contact the Bio II coordinator (see below) or your assigned Graduate Teaching Assistant for labs.


Bio II Lecture Syllabus Fall 2011 If you would like to schedule a meeting with your professor, please feel free to e-mail him or visit without prior arrangement during his office hours. He will be glad to help. He will typically answer all e-mails within 24-48 hours. Please know now that his schedule is busy, so he may not be able to meet easily outside of office hours. Please avoid leaving phone messages as this may lead to significant delays in receiving a reply. Only E-mails from official UCF e-mail addresses (i.e. accounts will receive replies, without exception. Biology II Lab Coordinator: If your question is about procedures (e.g., grading, your grade, exam times, online resources, text book availability etc.), please e-mail Ms. Yeargain. She will be glad to help. She also tries to answer all e-mails within 24-48 hours; though she is also quite busy. Graduate Teaching Assistant: If your question is about your specificf lab, please e-mail your TA or see him/her during their office hours. RESOURCES:  

Required Text - Campbell, N., and J. Reece. Biology, 8th Edition. Pearson/Cummings Publishing Company, Inc. A paperback edition with only chapters to be covered in Bio II is also available. - Bio-II is a web-enhanced class. Lecture notes, announcements, and lab assignments are posted on Webcourses@UCF. Use your PID and myUCF password to log in to Webcourses@UCF.

GRADING: You will receive one grade for BSC 2011 that combines your lecture and laboratory point totals. Exam scores will be posted on myUCF grades. No exam grades will be dropped (all exam grades count toward your course grade). No grades will be given over the phone or by email according to Federal law (FERPA regulations). The grading scale will be A= 90-100, B=80-89, C=70-79, D=60-69. F = below 60. Your grade will be calculated as follows: Weight Online quizzes 5 Lecture Exam 1 15 Lecture Exam 2 15 Lecture Exam 3 15 Lab Assessments 30 Final 20 100% Grade Rounding Policy: If your course grade is < 1% below a higher grade (e.g., your total score = 89.1%), your grade will be rounded up to the higher grade (e.g., 90.0%). Only the final, total course score will be rounded – each grade component during the semester will not be rounded. No other adjustments will be made. Occasionally extra points will be added to...
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