Pediatrics and Medical School

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Becoming a Pediatrician
Taking care of newborns, living daily checkups, and dealing with depressed teenagers are all in a day’s job for a pediatrician. Pediatricians, a doctor that specializes with in the diagnosis and treatment of minors from birth to twenty-one years of age, has a hectic but rewarding job. It takes only not only good grades but also extreme dedication to succeed in this medical field. There are many different types of pediatricians and finding the right one is essential. Overall, life as a pediatric doctor is right for some people and it may be you.

The road to becoming a pediatrician starts with selecting the right premedical college courses. Although this may vary between different medical schools, theses are the minimum requirements for attending medical school: One to two years of Biology (8 to 14 semester hours)

One year of Physics (8 semester hours)
One year of English (6 semester hours)
Two years of Chemistry, including one year of organic Chemistry (16 semester hours) One year of Calculus (6 semester hours)
As one may have realized, it may be necessary to have a science major, preferably Biology. It might also be helpful to take classes in Biochemistry, Zoology, Anatomy, Statistics, Microbiology, Physiology, Immunology, Genetics, and Cell Physiology. (Iannelli, “Premed Course

Requirements”) With that in mind, one can still balance one’s own interests with the premed course requirement s for the school one is interested in attending when choosing a college major. Selecting the right classes during your four-year study in college is absolutely necessary. With this in mind, it is also critical to maintain the highest GPA possible in order to get into medical school. A 4.0 would be ideal since medical schools are competitive to get accepted into.

The term “medical school” may seem a bit frightening, but one must be sure to elect the right one in his or her path to becoming a pediatrician. According to US News, Harvard has...
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