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Why Do You Think People Decide to Study Business Informatics with English at Fmi, Plovdiv University ‘’Paisii Hilendarski’’?

By TeodoraWoodcock1 Feb 21, 2013 250 Words
Why do you think people decide to study Business Informatics with English at FMI, Plovdiv University ‘’Paisii Hilendarski’’? Studying is important for people’s lives if they want to be successful in the future. People study a master’s in many different fields. One of the newest and interesting master is Business Informatics with English at FMI in the Plovdiv University ‘’Paisii Hilendarski’’. People decide to study that masters due to various reasons:

First, people decide to study a master, because they have better job prospects in the future. The English element opens lots of doors, especially if want to get a job with an international company. If you open the home page at you will see the most job offers in IT are for positions like senior web developer, PHP web developer, Java developer and many others connected with business informatics. Many people have a bachelor degree, but those that have a master are less. To stand out from the crowd you need a master. Studying at FMI is much cheaper to study than studying abroad. All lectures and exercises are on Saturday and Sunday, which is convenient for those who work Monday to Friday so that they can combine both work and study together. Plovdiv University has a good reputation and it provides legal certificates for you when you graduate from there and those certificates are valid abroad. In conclusion, the reasons for studying a master are varied, but foremost is to improve a person’s job prospects.

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