Topics: Knowledge, Skill, Learning Pages: 3 (677 words) Published: June 18, 2014
Exhibit 7. Discussion of Skill Competency – Pages 3-4
Section 4. Learning (con’t)
Throughout my four years at the Univer
sity of Guelph, I have learned one very
important thing: learning does not end once
you graduate high school or university,
it is a continuous facet of life that
should never be ignored but embraced.
I am sure that I learn something new every day. It may not be life altering; it may be something so minute that I missed the fact that I learned it. For example, each day in my anatomy class I learn how the human body works. Monday, I didn’t know that each vein doesn’

t have corresponding arteries, but on
Wednesday, I did. Just last week, I learne
d how easy it is to make tomato sauce.
These little events led me to believe that
learning never ends and I can use this
new knowledge to better my life.
The knowledge I gained in high school
helped me to succeed in University,
and the knowledge I gain in University will
help me to succeed in the job field. I
know that over the past four years, I ha
ve developed my skills and learned quite a
lot. For instance, when I study for a test,
it is not just to memorize the material
like I did in high school, but also to unde
rstand the material presented to me. This
method not only helps me get great mark
s on tests, but I now can utilize this
knowledge in my every day life. My fath
er was a big coffee drinker. He drank 6
cups of coffee a day. After my first year
of university, I lear
ned how to research
a topic and present in a simple, effectiv
e manner. I researched
the disadvantages
and side effects of drinking coffee and ga
ve this information to him, in the hopes
that he would cut back, which he did.
I have also learned that there ar
e many different ways to learn new
information. For instance, some people
are better learners wh
en they are being
lectured to: others learn better independen
tly, I learn the best when it is hands-
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