Lessons Learnt in Project Management

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Lessons learned in Project Management
In good project management, it is very important that the project manager with the help of the project team capture and document for historical reference the experiences encountered during the course of carrying out a project. These experiences whether positive or negative or from past or present projects, are very vital to process maturity and improvement and are hence incorporated into future project management procedures.[6] This idea of project management via lessons learned/ past experience tool is very vital to the success of a company or organisation with regards to the performance of present and most importantly future projects. This is because it helps many project managers across organisations to be much more successful in future projects with minimal effort necessary.[7]Hence it can be the gap between a landmark project success and missing key milestones and project delays[8] In many organisations and companies such as IT, telecommunications, construction etc, the projects undertaken normally have similar components as previous projects, therefore it is the responsibility of the Project manager to capture, and share the lessons learnt. It may guarantee the next or another project manager his position.[8] The value of lessons learnt cannot be over emphasised in good project management practise even though current company trends might suggest the limited use of this tool. Its importance is due to the fact that project managers working on similar projects normally experience the same sort of issues and obstacles and therefore it becomes imperative that the ways in which these obstacles where tackled are communicated and shared amongst them. This ensures that their reoccurrence is averted, hence saving the company the cost of project delay, budget overrun and dissatisfied customers.[8] A lessons learnt process in project management is most likely to be an intricate constituent of the quality management process within an organisation such as ISO 9000.Therefore, lessons learnt from project experiences are important to be captured, documented and implemented in future projects to ensure; 1. That there is no repeat of obstacles and mistakes 2. That a balance is stroke between the three pillars such as cost, quality and time The activities that constitute the capturing of lessons learnt in a project are ideally carried out at every stage of a project; from start to finish and not put off till the end. Some of the problems or mistakes during a project that can be collected and documented as lessons learnt include issues such as[8][9]: 1. Vendor management 2. Equipment delivery

3. Budget approval 4. Project approval 5. Communication (lateral and vertical) 6. Testing 7. Technical support 8. Training

Administrative Closure And Project Review
For every successful or unsuccessful project undertaken within a company or organisation, a close out phase is important in the final completion/handover of the project by the project manager and project team. This ensures that everybody who participated in the project or had expectations from the project such as stakeholders know how to move forward.[10]without a thorough close out phase, untackled issues might arise in the future. There are many aspects of a project close out however for the purpose of this report lessons learnt as a major aspect of project closure will be focused upon In the closure process of a project, two main activities are involved; Project Closure and Administrative Closure. At the end of any project, a formal closure to the project activities or phase is necessary before a complete closure of the project deliverables is made and handed over to the customer, client or other recipients of the project products. This is referred to as project closure. However, administrative closure is when all the project documentation is completed and the lessons learnt are archived as an intellectual property asset for...
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