Lenovo Advertisement Analysis

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Market Research Methods
Lenovo Advertisement Analysis

The Lenovo bought the IBM PC group in 2004, (Musil, 2004) then, they use and develop the IBM PC technology and improve their own computer quality. We can find out that the Lenovo advertisements are focus on showing the audiences the quality of the laptop. IBM is famous of its quality of product and their services. Lenovo want through the advertisement to give a message to its audiences that they can do as well as IBM did and they can be trusted as IBM. We found two advertisements and they are both focus on the quality but in a different approaches.

The first advertisement is a video, which find from YouTube (2008), named ‘grandma proof’. In the advertisement, the grandma was making the pizza for her grandson, but she misused the Lenovo laptop as a chopping board. Then, she cutting the vegetable, meat on the laptop; hitting the laptop with a harmer; washing the dirt from the laptop; and she even puts the laptop in the oven. The other one is a poster; it is a photo of the astronauts work and live in the space capsule, and they are using the IBM ThinkPad laptop, and the description of the poster is ‘to build the world’s first weightless notebook’. ThinkPad is the only PC certified for space fight by NASA. It is not only a poster, it is a story. (Serge, 2007)

Here, the two advertisements will be analysed and commented by Lavidge & Steiner’s (1961) ‘Hierarchy of Effects’, which include awareness, interest, desire, conviction and action.

The themes of both advertisements are the quality of the laptop. The first advertisement showed technologies of the Lenovo ThinkPad series directly. For example, shock resistance, hot resistance, keyboard water proof, crush and shake-proof. All these technologies are the support of protecting the data in the laptop; ThinkPad laptop which is solid, durable and can endure almost everything. The second one is showed the quality of the laptop indirectly, but more realistic than the video one. In the poster, they use the photo of the astronauts in the space capsule and declare that ThinkPad is the ONLY PC certified for space fight by NASA. They do not use much words and pictures, but they give the people the space to think, the word ‘ONLY’ let people know how good of the Lenovo Laptop. Actually, they gave more information than Grandma Proof under the surface. Both of the two advertisements give enough information in the advertisement, however, the video one is farfetched, as the Lenovo laptop maximum safe store temperature is 140°F, which is much lower than the temperature for cook the pizza in oven. (Serge, 2007) Compare it; the second one is more realistic.

The first advertisement controls the audiences’ mind through attract their eye-balls step by step. From cutting the vegetable on the laptop to ‘cook’ it in the oven, what crazy things the grandma did! She damages the laptop more and more serious. When everyone believes the ‘cooked’ laptop cannot work, the ‘ThinkPad’ give a surprise to everyone. What an amazing laptop. Audience will interest about the Lenovo laptop, and may want to know more about the Lenovo through media such as internet. They will interest, know and remember Lenovo, and this is what the Lenovo want. The second one is a bit normal to compare with the video. They just like the normal poster in the underground in London, it cannot attract people well.

Desire means audiences watched the advertisement and they may be interest to buy the product. Lenovo has a very attractive advertisement to the audiences: amazing quality of the products, reliable data protect technology, and the most durable laptop. Their target customers are officer and business man, etc. These people will desire to buy the products as the advertisements give the confidence to them that they can protect the data well. The two advertisements showed the quality of the products are enough to attract...
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