Changing the Face of America

Topics: Family, Ford Motor Company, Cold War Pages: 4 (1525 words) Published: April 24, 2007
The changing face of America

Taking a look back in time you are able to see how artists and other writers used words and pictures to get people to think the way they wanted them to think. In the 1950's artists were able to use pictures of families, televisions and just about any other house hold item to convey a meaning that we would understand subconsciously. In the book "Homeward Bound" by Elaine Tyler May, she talks to us about the new home life and how the families are changing right along side the new fast changing times they are living in.

The advertisements that I chose each have their own uniqueness to them. They both however are showing what money can do for a family or just a single person in general. They show that having money and living out the American dream is what it is all about. The thing that you need though in order to do this is to have security and some sort of status maker to show people that you mean business.

The first advertisement I found was of the Ford motor company. In the advertisement you see a sleek and beautiful new Ford car. It is on the set for a movie, showing off its beauty to the cameras and the people that are on set too with the car. You see props all along the set, we know those aren't real, the only real prop they are using on that set is the beautiful ford car. The other advertisement that I found was one of a family all together, gathered around the mother. The father is standing up behind the chair, his son is off to the side, and the mother is sitting in the chair while her little girl is sitting on her lap. It seems that they are all gathered together so that the mother can read the book that she is holding in hers, to them for their enjoyment. This advertisement was selling life insurance for the whole family. Each of the advertisements is targeting a specific group of people that they want to bring into what they are trying to preach about. The Ford motor company wants the group of the...
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