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Topics: Swimming pool, Color theory, Color Pages: 5 (1618 words) Published: November 11, 2013

Every ad is different and unique. Designers use many elements to make an ad interesting; it then makes it easy for the reader to understand or analysis the ad better. They use variety of elements of art, different styles of art and many more different techniques. The two ads that I will be comparing are “wending machine” and “Accenture”. I will be talking about the how they are different and some similarities they share as well.

In the “wending machine” ad, we see a ground covered with snow, the wending machine has a coca-cola banner ad it also has snow/ice on top of the machine. On the “Accenture” ad, we see that 2 feet’s are in the swimming pool. On the right there are some trees as well.

Both the ads have the element line in them; but in both have it in a different way. A line is a path that visualizes action or energy f the maker. In the Coca- cola ad, the background has diagonal lines all pointing towards the wending machine. Those are called implied lines. Implied lines are a direction of a shape (it may be liner) which draws your eye to a path or an action. The diagonal lines are all pointing towards to the machine; it proves that the main focus should be the machine. The diagonal lines also fall under the diagonal line category which says that these lines follow motion, changes the eye throughout the picture. Contour lines can also be applied here. Contour lines are line such that they create boundary separating an area from its background. The wending machine is at the front, the background is getting separated through the diagonal lines. In the “Accenture” ad, the natural line Vs cultural line is used. A natural line Vs cultural line could be described as the lines that are in nature compared to a line made by man. The swimming pool line is more like a natural line then a cultural line. It shows the water moving freely. Another natural line is the feet, they are natural not manmade. Line and symbolism is also present in the direction of the water. Line and symbolism are lines that create symbolic or a meaning behind it. The water symbolises getting wet, it gives a relaxation feeling. The swimming pool water lines also described as softness curve liner lines. These are celled Henri Matisse lines. Both ads are similar as they both share contour lines, and diagonal lines. Diagonal lines are where the purple lines are drawn and texts are written on it. It is diagonal as it makes you eye travel. Contour lines because the trees at the back are dividing the water at the front. The lines of the swimming pool water are dividing so we have a clear understanding at what is the background.

In the wending machine ad, shape is used as an element. Shape is an area that stands out from the space from its background or from its surrounding by value, color, or texture. Rectangle was used in the wending machine, as the main shape and for the little rectangle boxes on the right side of the machine banner defining all the choices. In the other ad, biomorphic shapes are shown. Biomorphic shapes are shapes of living organism. The feet`s is a perfect examples of this. This ad also shows open shapes. Open shapes are such that it surrounds the object, shows confidence, energy and dynamism. The feet’s in the water convey a fresh, confidence feeling. The water ad also show a distortion, where the legs are separated from the feet through perspectives. The definition of distortion is any shapes from the effect of perspectives. Both the ad has geometric shapes in common, I already explained the rectangles for the coca-cola ad, and for the water ad; it’s the little rectangle`s pattern on the ground. They show the depth and how long is the swimming pool.

Color is an important part of a design. It is used in both the ads but differently each time. In the coca-cola ad warm color are used. Warm colors are red, yellow, and oranges. On the wending machine, the banner of the coca-cola poster is red, while surrounded by a...
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