Leadership Philosophy

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February 19, 2013
Naval Science

Leadership Philosophy
When people think about leadership philosophy usually the first thing that comes to mind how an individuals core values profile his/her leadership ability. My perception of a leadership philosophy is similar to that of the popular conception. Comprehensively everyone possesses different leadership quality based on these moral character traits. All in all my leadership philosophy derives from my rearing, and consummates through my moral almanac and ideological outlook.

Moreover my primary basis for which my leadership philosophy is established on is respectability. In order to have a conducive environment amongst an operational group the members of the group regardless of rank must have mutual respect for each other and oneself. Leaders of present day utilize a multitude of leadership traits to influence their organizations, but I believe the preliminary concept to a successful life, institution, and influence of people originates from leadership by example. Specifically in means of being able to influence others simply because the individual conducts thyself in manner that is admirable to others. Through this that individual garners the respect of his peers/subordinates which leads to more effective cohesion of the team altogether. Which ultimately condones the enrichment of the organization, and the execution of the mission. Conclusively the core to my leadership philosophy is the key set of beliefs that in order to lead an effective community of people a leader gain the respect of his/her peers by being the model citizen.
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