Laundry Business with Online System

Topics: Internet, As Time Goes By, Following Pages: 3 (821 words) Published: October 6, 2012
2. Background of the Study
As time goes by the use of technology arises and develops. These technological advances will help people in making their lives more comfortable and easier. Through the development of technology, computer offers a huge role in making ones work efficient and effective. Almost all businesses rely on computer system for every transaction they made. The thesis is all about putting up a laundry business that offers the following aspects: It has a website that can be use to view the following services offered with the corresponding prices. Customers can also transact business through online and can also avail pickup and delivery transactions. In addition, the laundry business accepts walk in customers and telephone transactions. The proposed system would make it easier for customers to carry out transactions online even without going to the laundry shop. They just need to avail their choice of services in the website and give their information. The information will be sent directly to the laundry’s database. The proponents choose this system to help people in giving quality service and accessibility.

4. Significance of the Study
The proposed system will benefit the laundry business which uses the internet in getting customers who are frequently fond of being online. This makes the laundry business favorable than their competitors who do not have this kind of system. The proposed system will encourage more people to try their services because of the information they see on the internet. This will be a great advantage to the laundry business to be known widely and profit more rather than just having their contact information posted on their location. At the same time the laundry business will spend less amount of money in the dissemination of brochure or pamphlets because of the online system. The future clients will also benefit because of all the information and services they see on the internet which also includes the pickup and...
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