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Chapter I

I Summary:

A. Name of the firm

NJD Laundry Shop

A business is one of the most fundamental things to be arranged in starting a business. NJD Laundry Shop as the major name of the business, originated from the Name of the owner abbreviation Nilda Javelona Dela Fuente. NJD Laundry Shop is a unique, simple and easy to to remember. People will easily visualize what the business is about and it will aid to their memory. It includes information that the business does and can easily be understood by various target market.

B. Location Head Office and factory.

The company is located in Phase 5 Blk 27 Eastwood Greenview Montalban Rizal. NJD Laundry Shop is inside the Montalban Center Mall. Basically, the business is proposed for the residents of the community because not all the residents have househelpers to do the laundry. The main location of the NJD shop is located at Montalban Center Mall Ground Floor beside Mercury Drugstore in front of Janet & Joy Salon. It is very accessible for all the residence of the Eastwood Greenview Subdivision. Because Montalban Center Mall is located outside of the Subdivision.

C. Brief description of the project

Mainly, the project is intended for the residents of Eastwood Greenview and for the residence nearby of the Montalban Center Mall. However, this may support a clean living which is aimed by the Department of Health but this project is basically to help the residents lessen their workload and ensure that their clothes are clean. NJD Laundry Shop significantly acts as a helper for the people who does not have enough time to do the laundry. It will be managed by a single proprietorship who is a resident of the community.The owner of the business remain to what they need to get full satisfaction. It a very good idea to put up a laundry in the subdivision it also gives the mothers or the one responsible for doing a laundry.

1. History of business

The business was planned to put up by the owner from the NJD Company Audio & Video Services to NJD Laundry Shop. Thinking of what particular business to bring in that suit inside the Montalban Center Mall is really the main thing. NJD Company Audio & Video Services maybe the feasible in the location but a lot of competitor’s and computer shop nearby. That is why the business is not working good. The owner shifted the business into a Laundry Shop which is seen to be a need for the residents of the community. This kind of business does not require a lot of effort for the costumers and the business owners as well.

2. Nature and kind of industry

Today, this particular laundry industry is the most dynamic and reasonable productive business. Also, what makes it more appealing to the market is the fact that this persistent service industry continuous to grow and succeed. Laundry shops are easily managed through the use of new technology. It lessens the time and effort that are spent in getting clothes cleaned. The normal time spent in getting dirty clothes cleaned is like two (2) hours depending on the number of clothes to be washed and its sizes. However, the laundry industry belongs to the service industry where the product is primarily the service given to the costumers.

Take note of the extra services, it comprises of the use of detergent soap to be used for the clothes, the water consumption space to be saved by the costumers in hanging their clothes to dry and the electricity that can be saved for ironing them. Generally this kind of industry is really seen on the go for the target market because of convenience and practicability.

3. Type of Organization

Line Organization simplest form of organization, the line of authority flows from top to bottom.

4.Organization Chart

Owner/ Proprietor

Area Sales Managers

Rank & File

Sales and Mktng. Dept.

Operations Dept.

Accounting & Finance Dept....
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