Feasibility Study of Online Shopping

Topics: Internet, Mobile phone, E-mail Pages: 4 (1363 words) Published: January 12, 2013
The Online Shopping Via SMS: Computer Parts and Accessories is a new feature that we are proposing to the Armenia’s Internet Café. Since we are offering that the computer parts and accessories of the Armenia’s Internet Café will be online, they are required to have a PC (admin) with an Internet connection and a database system for the products and customer’s information. Through the Internet, they will also be required to have a website with a domain name itself. The PC (admin) and the domain name alone, of course, require some sort of financial support. If those two requirements would be realized, then a new website is to be built with interface selling the computer parts and accessories that is now online. It provides an interface for the user (customer) registration and fills up all the information needed. The mobile phone number is also needed to be fills up. All of that data will then be going to the PC (admin). So if they will be visiting the site again, they would have just to log in and would not be registering anymore. It’s up to the user (customer) if he had selected an item. He would be clicking the interface with the “buy” button. Informing the admin that someone is willing to buy that item. By that, a transaction between the customer and the admin will begin. The user (customer) will have a down payment of 20%, since cash will be given upon the delivery of materials so that there will be no fraud between the customer and the admin would arise. Transaction will now go to the payment as well as the shipping process. The customer will have his money be deposited in the Armenia’s bank account or through ML Kwarta Padala provided that the item selected is also delivered by the Armenia through LBC. If the destination or customer’s address is near, maybe a person will be in charge for that matter. Through the transaction, the latter should be realized introducing now our new feature we offered, and that is the mobile phone. The update of the...
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