Unit 12 Btec P1 - Task P1A

Topics: Marketing, Mobile phone, Internet Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: January 8, 2012
P1 – Describe the role internet marketing has in a modern marketing context using selected organisations as examples

Internet marketing has played an important role as a means of advertising. All types of businesses have benefited from internet marketing when it comes to cost, relationship building and sales.

Instantly millions of people can have access to a company, its products or services, and this can be done at any time anywhere in the world. Usually communication is done via e-mail reducing costs in telephone calls as well. And this benefits not only businesses which do not need to spend large sums of money on traditional ways of advertising but also benefits consumers who do not need to make telephone calls to know more about a company and its products or services; it is possible to find out everything with a few clicks.

Internet marketing is also used to close deals which make the process easier and cheaper for the business and the customer. Even a mobile phone contract deal can be done via internet nowadays. Internet marketing also helps targeting overseas clients as products or services easily reach customers anywhere in the world through internet marketing.

Relationship building is also one of the reasons why businesses use internet marketing; this can be done through e-mails received to update customers with latest products, services or news; another way to build good relationship with customers is by offering them services that can be done online without the hassle of going out to resolve an issue. One example is online banking where banks offer customers the facility of cancelling direct debits, make payments or transfers within minutes.
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