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MARKETING: Internet marketing


Internet marketing is use of internet and associated digital technologies to attain marketing objectives and support modern concepts. Internet marketing is a marketing strategy used by businesses to process new products online and offer customer services online. Internet is applied to all marketing communication aspects and supports marketing process. Internet marketing is a significant part of marketing mix in several organizations. Internet marketing can be applied by business as an integral part of the modern marketing because it is a powerful communication means which acts as a corporate glue that incorporates different functional parts of the organization (Malan, 2010, April 19). It supports a full range of organizational processes and functions that offer products and services to key shareholders and customers. Internet marketing facilitates management of information which is increasingly recognized as the main marketing support technique to formulation of strategy and implementation. Internet marketing is the form part of company vision since the future effect is important to many businesses. According to AMA, internet marketing is application of internet and related digital technologies in combination with traditional communication to attain marketing objectives. If internet marketing is fully established and integrated as a strategic marketing management tool, then people should understand the full application of total marketing process (Becherer, 2004, p. 25).

According to Malan, 2010 those businesses which are already successful in reaching their local markets they extend through online. There is need to update and keep the practice of online marketing to promote the businesses online. There should be a marketing objective and plan for any business to succeed. From offline initiative businesses should jump to online marketing. When setting internet marketing, there should be a site optimization which is the main start because any thing effective follows this. The business should use the content of management system which integrates and helps effortlessly and quickly providing a Realm Surfer sites. This enables managers to manage their content optimization and a trial and error. There should be a linking and indexing which is the participation of forums serving the main target market. This creates awareness of business of business within the communities and helps in create an incoming connection to the site. The business should implement an online marketing partnership with high-profile online business to promote services. The effective medium approach is to give a value content to the sites which benefits a topical content. The business should experiment the paid keyword advertising which should start by paying online advertising. Involve a specialist in internet marketing when dealing with the businesses (Malan, 2010, April 19).

According to Callan, 2009 online or internet marketing is accompanied by many uncertainties. Content integrated marketing is effective because of the World Wide Web which is an information tool. This gives people access to new information. The real power of integrated marketing content has hardly been exploited online putting a doubt that, there will be a main element in online marketing. There is a lot of creativity required in the content of integrated marketing. When getting the content mix right calls for plenty of research is effectively executed, there is a lot which is integrated on marketing efforts. For business to be successful it should focus on starting with the typical problems. The most pressing problems should be identified for research. This is an advantage which is considered with simple offline research which costs the company. There is a lot of research which can be online regarding marketing. With offline research, there is a lot of advantage but online few businesses can consider this. In online there is free...

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