Launching the Next Chapter of My Life

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The Next Chapter 1
Launching the Next Chapter of My Life
In the last several weeks, the author has had the opportunity to look back and analyze the events that have shaped her life. The author was free from the turmoil of emotional fears of failure, anger, regret and loneliness, which often clouded her perception. The author understands that life happens even when we are not prepared for it, but more importantly, it is how we deal with circumstances that keeps us going forward. In the authors opinion, life is a book with several chapters. But like every chapter in life, there is a time where the chapter has to come to an end. Launching the next chapter for the author will entail her purpose and precise plan, staying renewed, and realizing things can go wrong. The Next Chapter

Social relationships have played an important role in the authors’ life since childhood. Until the time the author was of age to attend school, she was dependent on her mother to make decisions for her. As a child of grade school age, the author learned to communicate and cooperate with others of the same age. The author has come to realize , in her adult life, that her choice of establishing intimate relationships, her interactions with family, and her choice of friends have all been influenced by the secure attachments developed early in life. These attachment behaviors have also led the author to her present point in life. According to the life-span/life-space theory (Super, 1957), “…individuals develop careers in stages, and that career decisions are not isolated from other aspects of their lives.” The author is at a point in her life where she is working The Next Chapter 2 towards the second stage of her career. The author now has purpose and is definitely moving toward a goal.

As an adult, we become increasingly aware of an internal voice telling us it’s time to do something different. We have finished school, launched and fulfilled a career, married and had family, and achieved some nice promotions along the way. You find yourself looking for a change. And now, what’s next? Answering that question can be difficult. Particularly if you have been caught in the act of living.

When we are busy fulfilling our dreams, we put off thinking about what happens after those dreams are completed. Then one day we realize the future isn’t clear anymore. The hardest thing in life is to make personal change. The author has decided to make such a lifestyle change. The next chapter of the authors’ life will bring great satisfaction in that she will maintain new life goals and commitments. Updegrave (2005) reports “Lifestyle planning is crucial to both a financially secure retirement and an emotionally satisfying one”.

Purpose. There are certain events in ones life that are more stressful to some than to others. Certain things have happened in the authors life which have left her wondering why they happened and if there was some higher power with whom one could seek consoling answers. Upon studying the adult journey, the author has been able to deal with some of the stressful events in life. Through the readings, the author has learned the quest for meaning and learned about the successful journey. The quest for meaning in ones life is metaphorically like a journey that involves spirituality and coming to know yourself as being part of a larger order.

The Next Chapter 3
A great life is born in the soul, grown in the mind, and lived from the heart. People who are happiest in life seem to have mastered the art of living from the inside out. Instead of living as others think the author should or as she is in habit of living, the author plans to live a life that feels right. The author plans to passionately pursue what she is...

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July 27, 2009
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