Eharmony Case Study

Topics: Online dating service, Marriage, Matchmaking Pages: 3 (1082 words) Published: April 11, 2012
Central Issue
In the new world of making a name for yourself, one of the most important characteristics of human culture has begun to be lost. Love, relationships, marriage, etc. have all begun to be swallowed by the notion that in order to be successful in this world, your full attention, time, and money must be put into your career. Before the 20th century, life was simple and universal. Men “brought home the bacon” while women stayed at home washing dishes, cleaning the house, raising children, and cooking meals. Most married a stayed married. Divorce was highly frowned upon and therefore never happened. However in the turn of the century, the age of technology and equal rights activists have brought a large change in the way our society is run today. Nearly half of all marriages now end in divorce and very few last more than four years. Not all of this is due to the selfishness and desire to stray from monogamy as most would think. Much of it has to do with the fact that people are so consumed with being all they can be and not putting in the time required to have that special connection with another human. eHarmony was created to provide a way for members of society to easily meet potential significant others and “date” over the internet while not sacrificing time in their workplace. The initial response of the public was wary. People felt embarrassed that they had to use technology to find that special someone rather than go out and do it on their own. However, soon the site began to catch on. eHarmony’s marketing technique focused on finding marriage rather than relationships and advertised other users who had great success with the site. The success stories proved that eHarmony was the top site for finding long-term, committed relationships and marriages. Other sites, such as Match and Yahoo Personal, established themselves as successful dating sites however both lacked the number of successful marriages. To compete with eHarmony, Match...
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