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Yuan Zhou
MKT 452
Book report- The Managerial Odyssey
There is nothing worse than being always ways on the tramp – Homer book fifteen
I start reading this book with bad mood. I hate to read books, especially the book not written by English. It will always be a disaster for someone to read the book that not written by their first language. However, this book really blows my mind. Bod Focazio and his special style of humorous told me this is a knowledgeable and fun book. This book gives me a lot of things that will be used in the future; this book really is a guide to me. One day, if I could be a successful person, this book really played an important role for that. A great gift to his dad and his dad must be very proud of him. Never forget how good you are – Bod Focazio

In today’s society, the competition is being more and more fierce; confidence is playing an important role to survive in this competition. To give yourself more confidence is really a good way to be succeeded. So, always tell yourself how good you are and never forget about that.

This book basically has three sections. Let’s start with the three rules for the road. Rule #1. You have to have fun to become successful
Since we spend at least half our waking lives on the job, we ought to like what we do. Fun on the job, in fact, ought to be a precondition for our careers. Whether you work within or help create a working environment, that environment simply must be a place where fun is not only an acceptable but an encouraged attitude on the part of the people in your organization. Rule #2. Remember, you’re better than you think you are.

Too often, we got so wrapped up in the problems, tensions and worries of the moment that we forget about the big picture. Dwelling on the negativity of the moment, we lose sight of our past achievements and the array of personal talents that produced them. The author told us we need only to jog our memory to recall our past accomplishments, then we’ve already solved many problems, overcome so many setbacks and triumphed over so many adversities in our lifetime that today’s “crisis” pales in comparison. We mustn’t forget who we are or what we’ve already accomplished. Rule #3. Be a risk-taker

Failure + learning = Success
Failure – Learning = Failure
Don’t be afraid of failure; just make sure to learn something from the failure. Like my mom told me, you are young enough to make mistakes, make sure you gain some experiences from the mistakes. So, take the risk, risk always means opportunities. Don’t let opportunities slip through your fingers. Take the risk, even though you will fail. Remember what it was like to have no fear. I used to play poker a lot. During game risk-taker is always the winner of the game. You have to take gamble in the game, gambling is risk-taking. If you want to win, risk is the first thing you need to face. I like to win the money, so I always take the risk.

The art of business is the second section of this book. In this section the author talked about how to be a successful selling person. Bob told us, the principle for success remains the same: those who know how to sell succeed. Selling will never be a science; it’s an art. Like all arts, some methods are better than others. The wind-up.

Instead of talking about the customer, the art of selling begins with us, the sales person. Before we pick up a phone, knock on the door, say our first hello or how-are-you, we must think the entire process through, because success begins and ends in the planning stages. Assess the terrain, assess the climate, assess your position and assess the obstacles are the four major categories of planning stages. We need keep in mind, good preparation creates the best advantage; a good sudation will help your sales; a successful image makes the most favorable impression; prepare for the Palace Guard and you are that much closer to the throne. The Pitch

People are driven by wants and needs. In...
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