Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Push Pages: 3 (677 words) Published: April 10, 2015
Griscenia Dominguez
Donna Oropall
Introduction to Human Services
7 April 2015
The book that changed my life
There are certain periods of life in which we have to face and handle difficulties and traumas. We experience suffering in such a way that our hopes, life projects and dreams become extinct. Sometimes, life problems are too difficult to be overcome by only ourselves. Sometimes, we need the external help of others and the values they can project towards us in order to triumph over life obstacles. Through their actions, their words, their advice and their receptivity to our troubles, people play an important role when they want to help us. Push, a novel written by Sapphire in 1996, illustrates the condition of African Americans living in Harlem in the 1980’s and the suffering of a girl, Claireece Precious Jones, who experienced sexual harassment, committed twice by her own father, having as a result two children by him. Considering the cruelty of the act itself, which is also reflected in the language the novel has, Precious never became a criminal or committed suicide instead she learned how to cope with every hard situation she went through. The question is how did this young girl went through all this bad situations? Precious had people that had interest to help her to overcome her trauma and she also had her own strength to change her negative points of view about life; this made Precious become a woman with hopes and dreams. Precious even though she had a lot of struggles in her life, all the drama she went through made her gained wisdom and she always tried to take the best decisions for a better life. In the novel, there are people who are willing to help Precious. The role of professor Rain, the signs of love and motivation towards Precious’s children, the solidarity, receptivity and cooperation of Precious’s classmates, the powerful ideas of Langston Hughes and Alice Walker; and her own strength are the positive influences...
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