The Road To Freedom

Topics: Marriage, Psychology, Life Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: October 13, 2014
 Lesly Cayetano
Peter Allman
Psych 365
October, 2014

Road To Freedom

The first thirteen pages of the book Road To Freedom had to do with the ego’s ability to control our entire lives. It emphasized on the baggage one as a person tend to walk around with in life. One’s life, if not examined, can become a burden as one can go on existing rather than living. This book focuses on the importance of forgiveness, joy, letting go of anger, acceptance, peace, harmony, and freedom. I was touched by the author’s experience of changing his life around by shifting his professional career at thirty, learning from the many self- help, religious books, meeting with his church minister, and fellow church goers in order to change his life. As a result of this author’s actions, he was able to marry an exemplary woman who is devoted to taking care of others as well as her emotional, physical, and spiritual health. This book encourages one to have more empathy towards one another and to stop being judgmental. It is obvious that everyone in this world is fighting a battle. It would be of great benefit, if one can concentrate on the positive and more fulfilling aspects of life. The book gives suggestions as to the type of (positive) friends, and relationships to have. That alone can help in becoming centered in life. Our thoughts and behaviors are also said to be of importance in order not to lose one’s divine self. Love and acceptance are essential to our well-being. The story of the man who was going through midlife crisis, and ended up getting a younger woman really caught my attention. I happen to know someone who was going through midlife crisis. This individual ended up divorcing his wife of thirty years. Six months later, he went to a country where he had previously started a relationship with a younger woman. He married the woman, came back to the states and retired from his job. Later, he...
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