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Question 1a – What is Knowledge Management?3
Question 1b – What is Knowledge Management?6
Question 2 – Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques7
Organisational Structure:7
Company Culture:7
External Partnership:7
2. Selection of tools.8
What they have:8
What they need:8
Tools I select:9
Mind Mapping9
Database Management System9
Social Network and Blogs9
3. Actual product/technique/standard9
Mind Mapping9
Database Management System:10
Social Network:11
Question 3 – Metadata14
3.1A web page:
3.2A physical object: - Teletype punch from the SNOCOM computer: Works Cited16

Question 1a – What is Knowledge Management?

A good operational definition of knowledge management is the deliberate introduction of an improved and more effective information environment. (Koenig, 1999, pg77) What I do understand from the above definition, is that KM is a process where information is introduced so that efficiency improves in the environment that it is introduced When it means deliberate, I am to assume it’s more like a teacher student environment - where the source of information comes from the teacher - and the information is absorbed by the students. In this process - knowledge is gained – from the student’s perspective. This teacher-student role is not confined just to schools and educational areas, but in organisations as well. A mentor or a supervisor takes on the role of a teacher to pass on the knowledge on how to perform certain tasks. Or it can be a weekly departmental meeting where information about something new is shared. The mentor or team leader would share a new information, or the members would share something that they have learnt the past week, that they would like to share it with others. In such way, yes knowledge is introduced and shared.

But let’s get back to the example of the teacher-student role. Usually information flow – is about sharing something and learning something new. So when the teacher is sharing something new to his or her students, its assumed that the information is new. When the students ask questions and when the whole class is engaged with discussions about the new information, the teacher learns as well. But this flow of information is extremely active in the West. In India, the flow of information in Primary schools till the Secondary school is all one way - only the teacher comes out with the knowledge flow. Use of Internet for sourcing knowledge is still not a widespread practise, though at the moment, the Net is use for social networking among the young working adults from the IT industry. In Singapore, at least till a couple of years ago - the flow of information was just one way – only the teacher dispenses the knowledge from the textbook or curriculum, the students receive it. No questions to be asked. Period. The students are not to discuss about it, or raise questions about the information they just received. The textbooks are to be memorised for exams, and when exams are done, what the students studies evaporates in the air. This process was till a few years ago. Now, two way learning is very much encouraged since the source of information is no longer through the teacher, textbook and or the books the students read, the internet is one ultimate source of information for anyone seeking knowledge.

[KM is] the capability of an organization to create new knowledge, disseminate it throughout the organization and embody it in products, services and systems. (Nonaka & Takeuchi, 1995, p. 58)

From what I understand from the above definition is that not only KM means sharing the knowledge, but it is about the capability of an organization to create new knowledge, share it everyone within...
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