Knowledge Management

Topics: Knowledge management, Strategic management, Management Pages: 30 (10149 words) Published: February 9, 2006
MSc Computerised Applications in Accounting


Discuss the impact of the introduction of a Knowledge Management System within a London Based International Law firm

Written By: Randolph Nairn
Student Nº: M217307


Chapter 1 – Introduction
1.1 Confidentiality
1.2 The Firm
1.3 The firms Services
1.4Recent Developments
1.5Introduction Summary

Chapter 2 - Research Methodology
2.1Research Philosophy
2.2Research Strategy
2.2.1Researchers Involvement
2.2.2Sample Selection
2.2.3Primary Data Collection
2.2.4Secondary Data Collection
2.2.5Theoretical Framework
2.2.6Gaining Access
2.3Credibility of findings
2.4Research Ethics
2.4.2Confidentiality/ Anonymity
2.4.3Informed Consent

Chapter 3 Literature Review
3.2Contextual Study - What is Strategy?
3.3IT Strategy within the legal services industry
3.4Strategy formulation within legal IT
3.4.1Establishing strategic positioning
3.4.2Analysing local requirements
3.4.3The Legal Grid
3.5Introduction to knowledge management
3.6What is Knowledge?
3.8Previous Research
3.9Definition of Knowledge Management
3.10Benefits of Knowledge Management
3.11The Challenges of KM?
3.11.1Allowing Technology to Dictate KM
3.11.2KM Is Not Static
3.11.3What technologies can support KM?
3.11.4Knowledge Management & Corporate Culture
3.12Three models of Knowledge Management
3.13Knowledge Management within the legal service industry
3.13.1The precedent bank
3.13.2The legal storeroom
3.13.3Work product retrieval
3.13.4On screen prompts
3.13.5Know Who Systems

Chapter 4 - Analysis
4.1 Introduction
4.2Set the context - What is the firms present and future IT strategy
4.3LEA Know-How KM System – What is it & how does it work.
4.3.1 Principal Know-How sites.
4.3.2Secondary Know-How sites.
4.3.3The Know-How database (Imanage)
4.3.4The Know-How document bank (hard copy)
4.3.5The library and external information sources.
4.3.6CV and Experience Database
4.4How is the know database be accessed?
4.5How Will Know-How get into the database?
4.7Who Uses Know-How
4.8What is the level of Know-How Usage within LEA?
4.9How do fee earners view the process of knowledge management?
4.10What are users general perceptions of the firms KM system?
4.11What are the perceived benefits of the knowledge management system and have they/ any been realised.
4.12Does the firm have a corporate culture conducive to knowledge transfer?
4.13 Summary

Chapter 5 - Conclusion
5.1Challenges Facing LEA's KM initiative
5.1.1Corporate Culture & Staff incentives
5.1.2Corporate Culture & Strategy
5.1.3Know How Usage & System Optimisation
5.1.4Know-How Contribution
5.2Concluding Thoughts


In recent years there has been a move towards the employment of computerised knowledge management systems within the legal services industry. This type of technology is believed to give a competitive advantage to legal professionals in their every day activities. However there are a number of obstacles, human, technical and organisational which need to be overcome so that such technology can achieve its full potential. To this end this dissertation seeks to address those issues which emerge from the influences of contemporary corporate culture in the successful implementation of computerised knowledge management systems.

In order to achieve this, the dissertation focuses on current knowledge management theory and those factors underlying the successful implementation of a computerised knowledge management system. The dissertation also considers an analysis of...
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