Kfc Marketing

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1. Introduction
2. The Marketing Environment 2.1 Political forces 2.2 Economic forces 2.3 Social forces 2.4 Technological forces
3. Organization’s position within the industry 3.1 S.W.O.T 3.2 Market Position 3.3 Target Market 3.4 The Marketing Mix 3.4.1 Product 3.4.2 Price 3.4.3 Promotion 3.4.4 Place
4. Conclusion

1.0 Introduction

KFC which is also known as know as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville, Kentucky. KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952, is widely known as the world famous fast food and the face of Colonel Sanders.
But KFC rudiment should backward to 1930. At that time, Colonel Sanders-- the founder of KFC run a restaurant at his hometown Kentucky. He study hard on fried chicken technologies and finally invented the eleven spices and unique cooking technologies synthetic secret recipe successfully and was favored by the customers. The secret recipe was continued to use until now.
Fried chicken is Colonel’s most famous specialty which is KFC today’s most popular products. Although delicious chicken attracted numerous customers, the traditional method have make people to wait for 30 minutes to eat.
Colonel used his ford cars carrying his 11 herbs formula and his assistant - pressure cooker began on the road. He sells the formula and the method to the interested restaurants in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky around, of sell interested. In 1952, the first authorized KFC restaurants established in Salt Lake City. Surprisingly, within five years, the chain stores have developed to 400 in the United States and Canada which is the beginning of the franchise operation in catering industry in the world.
Nowadays, the image of Colonel Sanders with a business suit, white-haired and goatee has become the best

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