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1. Introduction:KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in1952.More than 11,000 outlet.85 countries and territories around the world.8million customers each day. This is a fast food restaurant chain headquarteredin Louisville, Kentucky United States, which specializes in fried chicken. An"American icon", it is the worlds largest fried chicken chain and the second largestrestaurant chain overall after McDonalds , "Kentucky Fried Chicken" franchiseopening in Utah in the early 1950s. The chain primarily sells fried chicken piecesand variations such as chicken burgers, chicken sandwiches and wraps as wellas side dishes such as French fries and coleslaw desserts and soft drinks oftensupplied by PepsiCo .Its most famous product is pressure fried chicken pieces.KFC has been the target of an ongoing campaign by the animal rightsorganization PETA although KFC executives have protested that the chain isunfairly singled out for criticism. The chain has also been accused by Greenpeacewith contributing to the destruction of the worlds rainforests with unsustainablysourced cardboard and paper packaging.Internal Environment:1 Employees: According to data published by Yum! Brands, the proprietarycompany of the KFC brand, there are over 455,000 KFC employees around theworld Altogether. •2. 2 Management team:• Training and motivating team members.• Preparation of products.• Ensuring products are cooked properly; maintaining quality of product.• Monitoring all service equipment.• Takes disciplinary action, motivates and trains• Uncompromising standards in maintaining a clean and safe work environment(per Labor Board and OSHA regulations and Company standards), maintaining aclean parking lot, building exterior, dumpster and boardwalk, including removal oftrash within containers to proper dumpster site(s).3 Share holders:Around 99 percent of shareholders in KFC Holdings voted in favor of the deal.EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT:Task Environment:1 Customer: Consumers...
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