Key Factors in Youth Development

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Key Factors in youth development and government neglectfor a brighter future, of our future।

By Kyna Michelle Gaboriault

I grew up under the governments supervision. As a ward of the court I was able to establish the social system of law and governance. As a bright and outgoing youth I feel that the government worked against corruption inside their powers. Although if you were to do enough studying on laws and rights you can always eventually get through the loop holes that don't permit certain actions or privileges but for most teenagers who are going to school it can be very damaging on one's ego and self esteem. Children themselves are quite cruel. My mother has always been a ward of the court. It disgusts me when I watch these elections on how this party wants to change this and the other party wants to change that. Watching television I always notice how an advertisement to promote one party is by criticizing the other party, and then a quick reference for there officials vote. How can we teach our children values when it most concerns them when we are selves are being hypocrites. I think our society relies way too much upon allowing their children’s babysitters to teach them the fundamentals of what to consume, example being the media or what ever seems to occupy the child’s time while the parents take a break from there oh so stressful day jobs. There need to school programs and after school programs that promote good behavior and teach initiatives in future life management paths. As well as there need to be student and parent seminars that involve each school year so that perhaps we can provide families with a course of action as well as provide ourselves with a history report of what seems to be working and what we need to improve in our society. It doesn't have to take a lot of time. Worksheet Development Surveys like census only take a few moments but provide many of key answers..

Myself I always wanted to be something special in hopes that I...
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