child and young person development

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Rebecca Macdougall
TDA 2.1: Child and Young Person Development
Influences that affect children and young person’s development

1) Describe, using the examples in the case study, the kinds of influences that affect children and young people's development. Include examples from the family and children's background, health and environment. (2.1)

In the case study there are many influences that affect the children and young people's development in the family; this can be because of the background of the family, the health and also the environment they live in. The mother and father were both in foster care when they were young, so they won’t have a motherly/fatherly figure to look up to when looking after their own children. Their fridge/freezer is broken so they can’t keep food fresh, so they will have to eat tinned food. The twins, Melody and Michael, were born 14 weeks premature so they will need all the nutrience they can get to help them grow and get healthy. The flat they all live in is crowded because there are 8 of them to share 3 bedrooms and a small lounge and kitchen. The lift in the flat is broken so the children can't go out to play and get exercise. Also when the lift isn't working the twins cannot attend the nursery, so they will not learn all the simple things you learn in nursery. The mother cannot leave the flat to shop for food, so they will have to eat less food for each meal to last them until she can get to the shops. Also their father cannot leave the flat because he has a severe disability and he has to stay in bed. He can’t even work because of it, and the mother can't work because she has to look after the children and Wayne too, so they have to live on benefits. Their flat is right next to an industrial estate where many chemicals are used; it is letting off all the chemicals and polluting the air. Therefore the children can't really go out anyway because of the polluted air, it will make them ill. Nigel, who is 7, has asthma and...
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