Children and Young People Development

Topics: Childhood, Developmental psychology, Child development Pages: 4 (1390 words) Published: March 24, 2013
1.1 Describe the expected pattern of children and young people’s development from birth to 19 years, to include: * Physical development, communication development, intellectual development social, emotional and behavioural development. 0-3 months from birth a baby’s physical and progress development will improve than any other age. They will have many different movements but this will be very limited, these include grasping (wrapping fingers around things they touch) rooting (will help them find milk threw the nipple by moving head and using touch and if held with their feet firmly to the floor they will copy stepping movements. As they age they will become more confident with this movement and look more relaxed and even move their head more when they see movement and light. * 6-9 months usually play with feet (put them in mouth etc), and cruise around furniture 1.2 describe with examples how different aspects od development can affect one another. The parts of development do not work individually-they are linked this is why we talk about general development. Even when aiming on one aspect of development, it is very crucial not to forget we are viewing at a person or child and young people. They need to develop many different abilities and these interest more than one spot of development. For example, from every early age parental or carer communication and encouragement is very important for a child. It can help the child grow and develop in all aspects: physical, emotional, behaviour, social, communication and intellect. A child, who has little communication, is UN cared for or has negative social experiences. In these early development years may become a lonely individual have difficulty communicating with others and lack in self-esteem. They may have low expectations of themselves concerning school and learning, which could string to poor results in school which in turn could affect their confidence even further. Children from a poverty stricken...
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