Job Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction is a term, which refers to an individual’s general attitude towards his or her job. A person with a high level of job satisfaction holds positive attitudes towards the job, while a person who is dissatisfied with his or her job holds negative attitudes about the job. When people speak of employee attitudes, often they mean job satisfaction. Organization is a very vital place for an employee, where he or she can show their performance. Besides, the performance of every employee also depend on the performance of their respective organization. In our report, we are going to highlight the job satisfaction of BRAC employees, as one of the leading NGO in Bangladesh. For preparing this report, we have used sample questionnaire and visited the BRAC head office. Our target group was the executives of BRAC. So, after finishing the survey form BRAC, we have found some information about the job satisfactions of BRAC employees. For measuring their job satisfaction, we have given value to some psychological factors. Such as- unity, loyalty, nature of the work, supervision, present pay, promotion opportunities and relations with co-owners. These factors are correlated on a standardized scale .We have found that, the employees of this organization (BRAC) have confidence in each other. Besides, they always greet the satisfactory order of the organization .It show the loyalty of the employees towards their organization. Although, the comments of all employees cannot be same within an organization but most comments become same, if most of the employees are pleased about their job along with their organization. Nature of the work is also a vital part for an employee. Environment of an office always influences the working mentality on an officer. In BRAC the nature of work is always positive. That’s why BRAC’s environment is always in the favor of their employees. Also, BRAC has providing their planning, motivating functions appropriately. We have analyzed all the points, after this result .And we have established that most of the employees are satisfied in their organization. Because, all the time BRAC is providing some sort of facilities for its employees. Like, transportation facilities, sufficient salary, and freedom of saying are shown in this organization. That’s why the employees of BRAC are seems to be appreciated to their individual job. Also, they are always running in this organization as their personal residence. They always try to communicate with their senior officers and respect also. The employees of BRAC are very much cautious about the public association. And they show their full respect to the public and try to help them. The main thing is about their job satisfaction .From the findings, now we can utter that, the employees of BRAC are satisfied in terms of their job. As long we have discussed about our findings and analysis of the employee’s job satisfaction of BRAC.And it is clear that most of the employees of BRAC are satisfied with their job. Also after that, BRAC can bring some changes for its own .If BRAC bring some changes, and then it will be better not only for the people of Bangladesh but also for its employees. Suppose, if they will continue the same principles as they are following now, taking care of the rural employees time to time like, increasing more job facilities for the rural employees, empowering system for all the all employees, and providing cell phones for the rural invigilators. So far we have tried to highlight the satisfaction level of BRAC employees and how much are they satisfied or dissatisfied according to their job. And it is clear that the employees BRAC are more satisfied rather then they are dissatisfied. We hope the bright hope of this organization in the coming future and hope also to be a better service provider organization not only for the people but also for those employees who’s are actually a healthy wisher for their individual organization Preface

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