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22nd February 2013

R1 A short stint doing part-time at a public hospital made me think deep into the problem of the lack of job satisfaction and the intention to leave among hospital nurses in Singapore. It will become an important issue amidst our ageing population should this trend perpetuate without intervention as it may result in high nurses’ turnover rate when they leave the healthcare sector. Job satisfaction is defined as an affective or emotional response towards various facets of one’s job.1 It has been the most consistent predictor of nurses’ intention to leave and was reported as explaining most of the variance on intention to leave.2 For instance, Sheilds and Ward found that nurses who reported overall dissatisfaction with their jobs had a 65% higher probability of intending to leave than satisfied nurses.3 However, it should be noted that job satisfaction is dependent on a multitude of internal and external factors which may vary overtime. This outcome can be better understood under application of 2 OB constructs: Motivation and Organizational Commitment (feelings of attachment to the organization). Motivation encompasses both factors of motivators (to promote job satisfaction) and hygiene factors (to prevent job dissatisfaction) whereas OC comprises of 3 componenets – affective, normative and continuance.

1 2

Kreitner & Kinicki 2011 Hsiao & Lu 1996 3 Shields and Ward 2011  

R2 Motivation Herzberg hypothesized that individuals can move from a state of no satisfaction to satisfaction by motivators - job opportunities offering achievement, recognition, stimulating work, responsibility and advancement.4 Studies conducted in China reported positive relationships between nurses’ intention to leave and specific...
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