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Question 1

Q.1.1) Plagiarism is identified as the act of taking someone else’s work or ideas and establishing them as your own. Examples of plagiarism include copying a fellow student’s work and acknowledging it as your own. Another example would be taking information from a source and not properly referencing the source’s material.

Referencing is one method that can be used to combat plagiarism. Referencing is the act of acknowledging the work or ideas of an individual and giving credit to the efforts and creativity of others.

Another method to avoid plagiarism is quoting all the relevant sources obtained directly as they appear, in order to evade forgery.

Q.1.2) Students should not plagiarise because it is a form of forgery that is frowned upon in most institutions. Also, it is a punishable offence. The main implications of plagiarism, according to the book A Guide to referencing, plagiarism and copyright (Prof.Du Toit, P) pg. 40, include:

1. The assignment or work will not be accepted and resubmission will be required. 2. Either a penalised mark or a mark allocation of zero will be allocated. 3. Repeated plagiarism results in termination of enrolment or expulsion from the institution. 4. The student will have to appear before a disciplinary committee. 5. The offense will be flagged on the student’s record.

Q.1.3) A Bibliography is one method of citing sources. Prof.Du Toit, P(2013, pg. 15, 16 & 17) states that a bibliography” includes all the sources cited in the text, as well as any additional books, articles, papers, etc.” An example of this method is “Johnson, JL. 1996. Art and the student. 3rd edition. Oxford: Miller Publishing”

Another method of citing sources is In-text referencing which according to Prof.Du Toit, P (2013, pg. 15, 16 & 17) states that it provides “the name of the person that you are referring to, and the date of publication. An example of this method is “In a study by Johnson (1996, pg.30), the writing habits of art students were investigated.....”

Q.1.4) (a) Beer, G. 1970. The Romance. London: Methuen & Co.p.13-16 (b) Allen, G.2000:p.89
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Q.1.5) (a) Morgan, R. 1991. Twentieth Century Music (1993). New York: W.W. Norton Publishers. (b) Auletta, K. 2001. Microsoft and its Enemies. London: Random House. (c) Bolman, L and Deal, T. 2007. Leading With Soul. Cape Town: Wiley & Company Publishers. (d) Russell, J. 1998. “Billion Dollar Treasures”, Mechanix Illustrated volume 78, No.8: p. 88-94. (e) Johnson, MA. 2003. How to Bake the Perfect Soufflé. [online]. Available at: [Accessed 22 October 2012]

Question 2

Q.2.1) Paraphrasing as defined by Your “involves taking a set of facts or opinions and rewording them”, it is thus extremely important to keep the original statement and to present it in a new structure.

Q.2.2) The following steps relate to the creation of paraphrasing:

1. Reading the original piece of information carefully
2. Substituting words and asking questions
3. Rearranging sentences e.g. Original: His life increased over a number of years. Paraphrase: John lived for a long duration of time. 4. Checking the significance of the revised information beside the original 5. Identifying the source being paraphrased e.g. Anon, 2012. Examples of paraphrasing [Accessed 3 March 2014]

Q.2.3) Rob Allen faced a challenge of losing his youth and leg during the Iraq war. Allen is a...

References: Prof.Du Toit, P. (2013).A Guide to referencing, plagiarism and copyright.
Anon.(2013). [Accessed 03 March 2014]
Mokoka, S. (2011). National Youth Development Agency, South African Youth
Context: The Young Generation
6. Bibliography
Prof.Du Toit, P.(2013).A Guide to referencing, plagiarism and
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