Impact of Piracy and Relative Legislation on Pc Games Industry of Bangladesh

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Impact of piracy and relative legislation on PC games industry in Bangladesh


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August 16, 2007

Ehsan Uddin Ahmed

Entertainment Marketing

BBA Department

American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB).

Subject: Submission of Report on Piracy & relative Legislation on PC Games industry in Bangladesh.

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to submit the report on the “Piracy & relative Legislation on PC Games industry Bangladesh”, which you have assigned as one of the requirement of our Entertainment Marketing Course.

We are very much grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to find out and gain knowledge on this matter. We sincerely hope the report will be a useful to you and we will be most obliged to answer any queries regarding the report.

Sincerely yours,

Rafique Yeamin

Mohammed. Toufique

Mahmud Md. Hasib Al

Ahsan Habib


Piracy & relative Legislation on PC Games industry in Bangladesh is the assigned topic for the Entertainment Marketing course. It was an excellent experience working on this report for the entire group member of “Group 1”, because PC Games is an interesting topic. We would like to thank Mr. Khalid Afsar Chowdhury, Rafique Ibne Helal and Sonju from New P&P Ltd. & IT NEXT for providing information about the Gaming industry in Bangladesh & relevant piracy. We would also like to thank all those Organization & affiliated people, who helped us, providing information through interview, which helped us lot, for preparing the report.

Special Thanks to our Course Instructor for helping us to choose the topic and providing guidelines for preparing the report.

Finally, we are grateful to Almighty for the successful completion of the tasks and responsibilities of the term paper as per the instructions of our course Instructor.

Rafique Yeamin

Mohammed. Toufique

Mahmud Md. Hasib Al

Ahsan Habib

[Group: 1]

Executive Summary

Piracy in software industry is not a new issue. The illegal copying and redistributing of professional software was practiced globally for a long time. The new addition to this piracy cycle is illegal copying and selling of PC games for profit. USA the biggest computer game producing country is not even out of piracy business. Asian countries...
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