Is It Good To Exercise During Pregnancy

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Samantha Meyer
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Section 1:
My science question is, “Does exercising while pregnant have positive or negative effects on the mother and baby?” This topic is important because the health of the mother and baby during pregnancy are vital. Exercise is known to be beneficial for people in various ways. Exercise can help a person’s health physically, mentally, long term, and medically. The question I am asking is if this is also true for women during pregnancy. Does exercise during pregnancy benefit the mother and child, or can it have negative effects? Many women during pregnancy end up gaining a lot of weight, which makes them, want to exercise in order to prevent excessive weight gain. I have a lot of family members and close friends who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant and I also plan to be a mother in the future. This is personally an interesting question to me because exercise is an important part of pregnancy that is essential for expecting mothers to understand. Exercise may have a positive or negative effect on the mother and baby, so it is crucial for the mother to be knowledgeable on this topic before exercising while pregnant. This is also a main reason why this science question is important in general. Pregnancy can be one of the most significant periods in a woman’s life. Exercise can be highly beneficial or harmful to a women or their baby while they are pregnant and it is imperative for women to understand this topic in order to benefit their child in the healthiest way possible.

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Section 2:
The first article I used, “Relationship between physical activity of mothers before and during pregnancy with the newborn health and pregnancy outcome”. This article is about a study that assessed the relationship between physical activity of mothers before and during pregnancy and the newborn health and pregnancy outcome. The study participants were 671 women and their newborns. The study assessed newborns Apgar score, age delivery, childbirth type, head circumference, and body weight based off of the physical activity before and during pregnancy. This article answers my question because the study’s results showed how physical activity during pregnancy affects the baby. When mothers engaged in physical activity less frequently it resulted in the baby weighing more. Physical activity during the second and third trimester of pregnancy resulted in low weight in newborns, but enhanced their Apgar scores. Physical activity during all three trimesters resulted in a negative correlation with newborn’s weight. Engaging in mild exercise during pregnancy can enhance the newborn’s Apgar score during pregnancy but the activity most be stopped to deliver children who do not suffer from low weight. Exercising during pregnancy can be beneficial because it can decrease the chances of pregnancy diabetes, decrease backache, increase psychological health, decrease the chance of the risk of big fetus, and has a positive effect on preventing high blood pressure. Exercise can also prevent for the mother insomnia, tiredness, excessive weight gain, constipation, involuntary urination, depression, and anxiety. Exercise can harm the baby because of an increase in the mother’s temperature, decrease in fetus growth due to decrease in placental blood supply, and a decrease in fetus access to glucose due to a decrease in the mother’s blood glucose. Intense physical activity can also cause intrauterine growth limitation, which can lead to a decrease in the pregnancy length and cause newborn’s to be born underweight. Physical activity can cause an increase in the fetus’s heart rate and result in newborn’s being born under weight. Based off of this study the positive and negative effects of exercise during pregnancy on the women and baby are all possibilities but not definite outcomes. Overall, the study proved that exercise could be useful for the mother and baby. It is important to...
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