Ap Psychology Summer Enrichment

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AP Psychology Summer Assignment
The article I chose was called, “Can Preschoolers Be Depressed?”. It was about how children as young as two and three years old can suffer from depression.
The main point of this article was how depression impacts a child and the people, like their parents, around them. Children suffering from depression often feel the exact same symptoms as those that an adult with depression would suffer from. They can’t feel excitement, they have very low self-esteem, they seem to always be bored, and they also seem to be very sensitive to how people treat them. Sometimes their sensitivity may lead to misconceptions such as assuming that their parents don’t love them or thinking that they are bad people.

I learned that, although depression is generally a temporary ailment, there are adults who have suffered from depression for their whole lives. Psychoanalysts assumed that children’s superegos had been too underdeveloped for them to feel depressed and yet there are adults who’ve felt it from childhood onwards. So it’s safe to say that most adults suffering from depression probably also suffered it, in one way or another, as a child as well.

What’s surprising about all of this is that even though the psychologists mentioned in the article accept that children are capable of suffering from depression, they still aren’t sure as to what really causes it. It is known that depression is rooted from one’s hormones being rather wonky so they cause emotions and mentality to head on to the more derisory side. For some reason, the article hasn’t taken that into account. Now the reason as to why the hormones are wonky in the first place is another story. That can be due to fluctuations of the hormones during puberty, it can be a symptom of another disease, or even be inherited from their genes.

This article is relevant to my life because, according to my mother, I have also had several “depressing” moments, such as those of the children in the...
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