Intro To Psychology Final Exam

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Malik Morris
Introduction to Psychology
Final Exam

The science of psychology.

Back in the days, many psychologists relied on the concept of questioning or learning how things work the way they work. That’s how psychology was invented. Many psychologists wanted to able to understand and they do believe that there was a reason for everything that happened around them. Eventually it became a cultural transformation for next thousands of generations. So understanding the reason behind “psychology” was that they wanted to look for explanations; they wanted to able to comprehend that things changed over times. Before taking this course, I always thought that “psychology” is simply about a person just listening other people situations that they need to help deal with. Then later, I increased my knowledge and learned that psychology is really just the foundation of life. We use psychology to understand people, to research things that are questionable to us, to not only understand human beings but also with other species like animals because some of the similarities they have as human beings. This is the reason why it merely impacts me because of the value and the investments that these men and women put into to create for the world to see the true definition of psychology. Without psychology, we wouldn’t be able to run the society like we do now; it would become chaotic with no knowledge of how things function because we depend on explanation, prediction, and control to keep our society stable. Now that I’m in college, I realized that the way of my thinking and my behaviors before I went into to college completely changed. The one thing that I learned is how I was able to see things clearly in college than I was in high school. The behaviorism was definitely one area that I noticed how it could be helpful for me when I’m college as well as in the future. People change all the time; based on the reasons they’re going through, the childhood they grew up in, how much they are socializing around their peers. There are so many causes for how people behave whether they are alone or with other people, but the one thing that I can say is that they are not right or wrong for the way they act. Things happen for a reason, that’s why I believe that Psychology impacts me in a way that ideas are always changing through out the period, which is why there will always something that is still unquestionable to us and we will always try to find answers someday.

Social Psychology
Another area that we discussed and also the topic that I feel more valuable and had the most impact on me is social psychology. It defines a study if how human beings feel, behave, and think by being surrounded with others. Everyday, we are being around with another living thing. We grow, learn, develop, and create by the interactions we have around with other people, directly or indirectly.

This topic is valuable to me because this is how we started the minute we were born. We rely on social for our attentions, our needs, and most importantly our attitudes. With this topic in our life, we were able to perform tasks to balance with other people based on their background because we wanted to have that “equal status contact.” Without that, the society will be falling apart and divided from each other just like the time when the Americans was opposed to African Americans in the 50s and 60s.

Reading this topic gave me perspectives in a way that I would never thought I could understand before. One section in the textbook talked about how stereotypes can cause people to become vulnerable. Being in a deaf world and being in an African American world, its pretty difficult to deal with the confrontations that people approached to me but learning that people are just being the way they are, yes they might be trashing against me because of my background but over the time, we learned how to behavior the right thing by just letting it go...
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